Estelle De Courcy

Consultant Physiotherapist at The Bodyworks Clinic SL

English Chartered Physiotherapist, MCSP, SRP, HPC, OCPPP, Grad Dip Phys. Col No 2070.

Musculoskeletal Specialist

Estelle qualified as an English Chartered Physiotherapist in 1978 after studying and training with the Royal Air Force (RAF). This gave her an enormous breadth of experience that probably isn’t available to trainee physiotherapists these days. She has worked as a Senior Physiotherapist in the NHS as well as private practice with orthopaedic consultants. Her practice in Marbella, Spain was founded in 2000 and she established the Bodyworks Clinic in 2004 when she outgrew her previous space.

Estelle Mitchell, MCSP, Directora

Why DistiMed?

“As a physiotherapist I have one goal – Get my patient better as quickly and efficiently as possible. When I started working in private practice I realised that there were some other things I had to think about: My patients can’t always afford to come as often as I would like to see them. So I needed tools that they could take away and still get better. I also realised that I only have 1 pair of hands. Which means one patient at a time. So I also needed a way to add value to my patients and increase my clinic revenue. Due to my UK training and subsequent international education I came across some REALLY exciting tools. But many of them I had to ship internationally, which was expensive and frustrating. I know how many highly trained and innovative practitioners are working in Spain from all over the globe, so I set up DistiMed to bring the products I trust to the practitioners I believe in.” Estelle De Courcy

Emmie Cross

Sales and Marketing Director

With over 10 years working in private clinics in Spain, Emmie has experience balancing the clinical requirements with the financial aspects of running a successful private practice. Her previous experiences with online software development for organisations like the NHS and BUPA in the UK means she brings a wealth of practical knowledge.

Emmie Cross, Directora

Dr David Saorín Morote

Col No 230
Chief Instructor – Spanish and English

David received his doctorate at the University of Murcia after completing his physiotherapy degree. As well as running his own private practice in Murcia, David teaches the Official McConnell method and is a Certified Kinesio® Taping Instructor running successful courses throughout Spain. He also presents his research findings internationally and is fluent in English and Spanish.

Dr David Saorín Morote