About Us

Why DistiMed?

Our backGround Story

We have been working in healthcare on the Costa del Sol since 2001. In that time we have seen some amazing changes and huge progress. 

But some things have remained the same – the difficulty and expense in providing a comprehensive service for your patients in private, independent practice 

Based on a surprising number of requests from individuals that we have met over the years as Bodyworks Clinic, we decided to put what we offer in one place. And hopefully as we build our team and network, this offer will grow and grow. Allowing you to provide the best treatment for your patients simply and without large upfront investment. 

Together, we can create your vision of healthcare. 

Founding Members

Meet Our Core Team

Estelle Mitchell, MCSP, Directora

Clinical Director

Estelle Mitchell

Emmie Cross, Directora

Business Adminstration

Emmie Cross

HealthMe Patient Services

Patricia Smith

Dr David Saorín Morote

Clinical Training

Dr David Saorin Morote

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