Mobiliser from DistiMed Spain


Passive spinal activation and massage system

We’re always going to think that hands on with a trained professional is the best answer. 

But sometimes it’s not the most practical option. 

Perhaps you’re struggling to find the right colleague to join you. Or you need to make that second treatment room pay for itself. 

Perhaps you need something easily accesible that doesn’t require professional supervision. 

Simple but effective

The Mobiliser is a full body clinical massage bed. 2 rollers with 56 “thumbs” it works from ankle to neck in a handful of preset patterns, each 15 minutes long. 

It works on body weight making it safe and accessible to a wide range of people with a variety of conditions. 

Cushions to relieve the intensity if required and weights to add intensity if needed it can be easily adjusted to fit the patient’s needs. 

A simple and clear remote control gives the patient control and independence. 

Don’t need to take clothes off. No need for creams. Just a treatment couch and a plug. 

So simple that 5 minutes instruction allows all members of staff to support patients or for patients to be completely independent. An easy way to add an extra level to your existing practice and make good use of space while staff are unavailable. 

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