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Because we know it’s impossible to have everything under one roof, we collaborate with other clinics locally to provide a network of facilities. 

This means your patients have every thing that you need to help them. 

Billing options make for a seamless experience for them, online booking and bilingual administration support makes it a simple experience for you. 

Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Psychotherapy, Yoga, Pilates and Stretching (individuals or groups). 

These services can be arranged at our clinic or as home visits for your patients.  

All our practitioners are fully licensed and insured and billing can be arranged directly or via your reception, whichever makes the process simplest for your patients and administration staff.  

MBST Joint and Cellular Regeneration technology is a powerful tool in the physiotherapy and orthopaedic arsenal. 

With dramatic anti-inflammatory effects in the short term it is the long term cellular regeneration which can have a dramatic impact on patient outcomes. 

MBST can be a valuable alternative for those patients reluctant to comply with surgical or pharmaceutical options. 

2 machines are available, larger (pictured) for head/neck/shoulder, spine, hips, double knee or ankle as well as our smaller machine for upper and lower extremities. 

The regenerative effects of MBST/MRT have been modified to be suitable for treating Osteoporosis throughout the body. 

No drugs or painful side effects and a proven record of 4-36% improvement in bone density scans with only 2 weeks of treatment. 

A comprehensive package perfect for those patients struggling with current treatment methods. 

We also provide specialised services just for feet! 

Whether your patient needs a complete gait analysis or a simple fitting for additional support or pair of orthopaedic shoes we can help. 

Full range of options for all foot types and lifestyle requirements carried. 

Whatever language you speak with your patient we will make sure there is in house translation support available to ensure their continued understanding and comfort throughout their treatment. 

And sometimes you need a different space. Whether it’s to suit an individual client, because your  usual space is unsuitable or a million different reasons, we offer treatment rooms for rent by practitioners on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

We understand how complex it can be attending to all your patient’s needs, our rooms can be set up with or without a treatment bed, some accommodate 6-8 people for small seminars or workshops or simple chairs and a desk. 

All have bright windows for natural light as well as A/C to make sure you and your patient are comfortable. 

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