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HealthMe patient services make your patient's life easier

English - Spanish

Communication is the key to compliance

Medicine is complicated. That’s why it takes so many years of training and we still call it practice! 

And how patients understand words can sometimes be quite different even when you both speak the same language! 

Add in a second language and things become complicated! 

Add in a many step, detailed treatment procedure and . . . . suddenly the chance of the patient being in the right place at the right time with the right medication becomes far less likely! 

HealthMe patient services make the whole process simple


In appointment patient support. As well as email / phone call translation before and after where required. Speak to all your patients using your words that they understand.

Bookings and Administration

Need to arrange onward referrals, prescription and/or test result collections? You and your administration staff can relax, we can support the patient in all the adminstration.

All the details

From accommodation and car services, family collections and drop offs we can co-ordinate exactly what your patient needs to attend their appointments in comfort and focus all their attention on you and their care. 

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