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New options in your clinic

Your clinic is run the way you like it. 

But sometimes, you have a patient who needs something . . . extra. 

However they trust you and your clinic and don’t want to be referred elsewhere. 

Bring what your patient needs to them. In House, in your clinic.

physiotherapy and acupuncture services in your clinic

Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Yoga, Pilates and Stretching (individuals or groups). 

These services can be arranged at your clinic or as home visits for your patients.  

All our practitioners are fully licensed and insured and billing can be arranged directly or via your reception, whichever makes the process simplest for your patients and administration staff. 

All we require is a room as we can bring our own treatment couch and equipment as required. 

MBST In your Clinic

MBST Joint and Cellular Regeneration technology is a powerful tool in the physiotherapy and orthopaedic arsenal. 

With dramatic anti-inflammatory effects in the short term it is the long term cellular regeneration which can have a dramatic impact on patient outcomes. 

MBST can be a valuable alternative for those patients reluctant to comply with surgical or pharmaceutical options. 

Smaller machine (pictured) available for use in your clinic for treating upper and lower extremities. 

Mobiliser from DistiMed Spain

Already have a physical therapist or similar practitioner in your clinic but need a little something extra? 

Or perhaps you would prefer to add a low maintenance option to your gym or sports club or to fill in the gaps in a part time schedule?

The Mobiliser is the answer. Lightweight and mobile to lie on a treatment couch or any similar furniture. Simple 15 minute cycle from ankles to neck, mobilising the spine, facet joints and large groups of muscles in the kinetic chain. 

Adaptable where required but safe to use on a wide variety of patients. 

Gait Analysis and Foot Support

We also provide specialised services just for feet! 

Whether your patient needs a complete gait analysis or a simple fitting for additional support or pair of orthopaedic shoes we can help. 

We can provide specialist support for your patient in your clinic. 

Know what they need? We can supply Formthotics and Vionic orthopaedic shoes directly to you and support and train you in fitting them. 

Ensure patient understanding with our in appointment translation and support. 

You are the clinical expert, let us be the language expert! 

Make sure the patient understands what’s required to comply with your treatment recommendations and can correctly follow the procedure

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